Four Things to Know about Your Trip to Chernobyl?

More and more people want to visit Chernobyl. The recent HBO series contributed to this growing trend by turning the “ghost” city into an attractive tourist destination.

If you consider visiting this abandoned city in the North of Ukraine, you shouldn’t go there alone. There are special agencies that sell tours to Chernobyl from Kiev . They will provide you with everything you need for a nice time-spending in the Exclusion Zone.

Is it safe to visit?

Trip to Chernobyl

Before you visit Chernobyl, you should make sure that it’s safe. According to the official reports issued by the Ukrainian Government and the World Health Organization, the Exclusion Zone is safe for visiting. You won’t be exposed to excessive radiation during the visit. Of course, you will have to measure the radiation level with special equipment all the time. Some areas remaining in the absolute closeness to the nuclear plant are still dangerous. It will take at least 20000 years for them to become radiation free.

Upon visiting Chernobyl, your tour guide will give you detailed instructions of how to behave in the zone. Don’t touch anything. Don’t eat anything. Don’t sit on the ground. By following the guidelines, you won’t put yourself at risk.

Visiting the best sights

Every wycieczka do Czarnobyla starts in Chernobyl town itself. Chernobyl today is totally empty, from apartment buildings to streets. The most significant places for visiting include but are not limited to:

  • The DUGA Radar
  • Kopachi Kindergarten
  • Reactor 4
  • Pripyat

In fact, the city is filled with amazing places that can tell you a lot about people who lived here. Usually, guides are equipped with a couple of stories that will bring tears to your eyes.

Needless to say, the search for historic truth is what makes Chernobyl a valuable place. It surely deserves your time and attention.

What to wear when visiting Chernobyl

Ideally, you visit Chernobyl in the winter or in the spring months. In summer, it is too hot in Ukraine, which will make your trip too tiresome and even dangerous.

While getting ready for a tour, you should pay attention to what you wear. Make sure to wear comfortable clothes and shoes. You should also consider wearing long-sleeved shirts and long pants even in the summer, to reduce the risk of contamination to the minimum. Here’s a list of basic things to take with:

  • Comfortable walking shoes;
  • A rain jacket in case of bad weather;
  • A thick parka;
  • Thermal underwear, including pants and shirt;
  • Gloves, scarf and a hat.

Using Kyiv as your starting point

The major starting point to visit Chernobyl is Kyiv. The city has a great selection of hotels and restaurants. You can spend a few days there to make the most of it, as there are a lot of nice places to see in Kyiv. These include churches, theaters, museums, touching monuments, street art, and much more.

Final Thoughts

Chernobyl is just that: a strong reminder that disasters can happen that may influence the entire world. Thus, people should do their best to make this world a better place for all.

When you start planning your trip to Chernobyl , you should take things seriously. There are many details to be considered. Finding a reliable tour agency is the major task to do. With the right choice, you will be able to leave all the worries behind. Professional organizers will make all the necessary arrangements for you. What’s good is that Kyiv is quite an affordable city, especially compared to other European capitals. Transportation, accommodation, and meal won’t cost a lot. At the same time, the quality of organization will be at the highest level possible.