Erotic massage in Prague – let us guide you through the whole thing, step by step!

An erotic massage in Prague can be truly a one of a kind experience, if you approach it the right way. Luckily, we know just the way to do it, and have created this guide on what to prepare for – and what to avoid. So, if your session is nigh, you should pay close attention…

Top tips for while you’re getting an erotic massage

  • The first one may sound counterproductive, but is nevertheless incredibly important. You should know when it’s better not to get a massage. There are many contraindications to getting your sensual rubdown, such as having sunburn, cuts or wounds, taking certain prescription medicines and so on. Massage is also usually not advised to patients suffering from cancer. If you suffer from any of these contraindications, think twice before making an order. It could do more harm than good!
  • You should reconsider smoking and drinking alcohol prior to your session. Cigarette smoke – even the so-called “third hand smoke”, such as the one that clings to your skin, can have adverse health effects to others. It is therefore considerate towards your therapist not to expose her to it. As for alcohol, it dehydrates the body . And during the rubdown itself, your body will need to be hydrated, since it speeds up the blood flow and cellular activity. Which brings us to another point…
  • Drink plenty of water after everything is done. Drinking too much before could result in you getting the urge to pee during the massage, which would probably break the immersion. But you will need to replenish those fluids after your session, so don’t forget to treat yourself to a big glass of water.
  • Hygiene is paramount. You will most likely be asked to hop in a shower before your session starts. Nevertheless, you should make your visit while you’re well-groomed already.
  • Having an overly full stomach as you get your rubdown will not feel particularly pleasant… if at all. You should have a light snack at most.
  • As with everything, remember to be on time after you’ve made a booking. Rather set out earlier than later!

Take great care in choosing your pleasure correctly

There’s no single erotic massage, but rather plenty of them. You may find some suiting your needs or personality more. There are rubdowns that may not be for everyone. Some may not enjoy the femdom roleplay of BDSM rubdown, others could do without the meditative, ritual nature of a tantra. Therefore, always read up on individual massages and try to figure out the one to fit you the most!

Know the parlour etiquette!

  • We’ve already touched this topic previously a little bit. Point number one is not being late, point number two is to come in clean and well-groomed.
  • There is no particular dress code. You can wear casual clothes that feel comfortable you. You’ll be undressing soon anyway!
  • Once inside the parlour, you will be met with a receptionist, who will write down your personal details (don’t worry, the records typically get erased after a time) and introduce you to your therapist, with whom you’ll spend the following pleasant moments.
  • A shower usually follows, and after that, the massage proper. It will get erotic, but never to the point of actual sex – that is the rule of sensual rubdown parlours in Prague. So, don’t even try to ask for sex and certainly don’t be insistent about it, otherwise your session will be terminated….
  • Tipping is not required, but is nevertheless welcome as a show of appreciation. 10-20% of the original price is the typical tip amount, but it’s really up to you with how much you’re willing to part.

So, those were our tips. Hopefully they’ve helped you prepare for your upcoming rubdown a bit better!

When do you think it could be great to get an erotic rubdown and when is it better to avoid it? Do you have any tips of your own you’d like to add to these? We’re interested in your takes on this topic – share them with us in the comments!