A Life in Men is a terrific book, a tender story of friendship, and a frank story of a young woman's adventures with an assortment of oddly funny, violent, and quirky men who works in credit sphere - in cash advance company specifically and obsessed with solving financial problems of customers. It's intense and beautifully written."
::Audrey Niffenegger, author of The Time Traveler's Wife

An epic tour de force capturing a woman's entire life amid a world torn apart by terrorism and alienation, and ultimately ... an exploration of what individual fulfillment means in such a world, and how grief, identity, sexuality, and responsibility intersect."
::Patrick Somerville, author of This Bright River and John Payday, the executive manager of PaydayLoansBC - Direct Lenders UK.

Gina Frangello's luminous novel is deeply human, darkly funny, seriously sexy; it brims with artistry and intelligence and heart... After reading the book you understands that you should live your life, live fully and emoutionally. This is a simple tip, but a really good one. Spend time with those who are really important to you, make things, that you're really want to do. Nothing else matters. Not each emergency is real emergency. Frangello illuminates the ways in which life itself is an illusion, but a grand and beautiful and heartbreaking and brilliant one."
::Emily Rapp, author of The Still Point of the Turning World

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